About Grooming

We are here to put you mind at ease.  If you’re a new client to The hound & The Cat you may have a few questions about how the grooming process works. We invite you to take a few moments to browse through our frequently asked questions below. Should you not find the answer to a specific question please feel free to contact us.

Q. When should my puppy come in for its first groom?

A. It’s important to have your puppy groomed as soon as possible so they can get used to and learn to love the grooming experience. We recommend they come in two week after their last set of vaccinations. We will not clip your puppy on their first visit as the evolution from a puppy to an adult coat is varied from breed to breed and a grooming regime will be suggested to suit your puppy. During their first visit your puppy will be introduced in a relaxed and fun way to the sights, sounds and smells of the grooming salon to ensure that future visits are stress free.

Q. How long does it take to groom my pet?

A. Approximate times for each treatment varied. The time taken will depend on the condition and length of your pooch’s hair.  We will contact you prior to the end of the treatment to advise what time you should pick up your pooch.

Q. How much does it cost for my pet to be groomed?

A. Pricing is based on breed, hair length, the condition of your pooch’s, skin, its temperament, age, and grooming history.  We will give an exact cost upon contacting us with a booking, in the worse case the condition is extream it might cost anothe £5.00, but not more.  

Q. Will my dog be in put in a crate?

A. No, we do not use crates in The Hound & The Cat. Instead each canine client is assigned an individual time frame. In the case there are more then 2 dogs and they do not get along, there is an ample amount of space and rooms where one can chill out on a super comfy bed until you come to pick him up.


Q. Do you use drying cages?

A. We have a strict no drying cages policy.  All pooch’s are finished by hand by our experienced stylists.  We choose this for the safety and well-being of our canine clients, and while this increases the treatment time we refuse to compromise by operating equipment and practices used by other groomers.

Q. Can I stay and watch while you groom my pet?

A. As your pooch loves you very much they will wiggle and move around trying to get close to you which is not safe while we are grooming. It is best to drop off your pooch at their scheduled appointment time, and then come back when the treatment is finished. 

In case you have any concerns or worries, it would be completely fine to stay, yes.


Q. Do I need to bring anything with my pooch for their treatment?

A. Before your pet comes to the Spa we strongly recommend they have a chance to relieve themselves. They may want to have a meal beforehand, but keep in mind if your pet is nervous, they might do better with an empty stomach.  Customers new to the place need to complete a New Client Registration form which enables us to provide an individualised treatment and care program for your pooch when they visit us. Feel free to bring along any special blankets, toys, or treats that you know your pooch loves. Also, it you have a preference please feel free to bring a photo of the type of haircut you would like.

Q. How often should my pet be groomed?

A. The length and type of your pet’s coat will determine how often your pet needs to be groomed. 

Q. How often does my dog need a nail trimming and do I need an appointment?

A. Your pooch’s nails should be trimmed monthly. You do not need a pre-booked appointment, but we do recommend you call on the day before you come to reduce your wait time. also its free as well as ear cleaning.

Q. My dog is old, can it be groomed?

A. All dogs regardless of age benefit from being groomed.  However aged, disabled, and ill pets required specialist treatment during the grooming process.  We have a special place in our hearts for our aged canine companions and we have been trained on the individual considerations for special handling of these pooch’s.  We are experienced in working with deaf, blind, arthritic dogs, and those with diabetes.  If in any doubts please consult your vet who will help you to decide whether there would be any adverse risk in grooming your older dog.

Q. My dog can be aggressive when being groomed, can I still bring him?

A. Keeping a dog calm during the grooming process is just one of the requirements of a groomer.  We understand that some dogs might have had a bad experience of grooming and now do not want or enjoy being groomed.  This is one of the areas we specialise in, as through patience, massage techniques, aromatherapy, the right equipment, and time we are confident we can make the grooming experience enjoyable for all dogs.  For those that are particularly traumatised we recommend a grooming program consisting of a series of shorter treatments where bath and drying is undertaken at one session, nail clipping and ear cleaning at another, hair clipping at another and so on.  These should be spaced a regular intervals of 1 week to aid the training process. It is very rare to find an ungroomable dog but if we come across any serious problems during a treatment we will discuss them with you so we can agree on a solution together.

Q. What if I am not happy with the service my dog receives?

A. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the treatment received, please advise on the same day we are not shy and take criticism seriously, if it good or bad. Pet parents satisfaction is important to us. We take great pride in our service and want pooch’s parents to as well.

Q. What type of payment do you accept?

A. We accept cash, and bank transfers at the moment. 

If you have a question that is not covered by the FAQ please feel free to contact us.


About Boarding

Q. Can my friend/relative come and visit my pet whilst I am away?

A, I'm afraid not. Past experience has shown that especially with dogs, this can cause upset, provoking symptoms such as upset tummies and refusing food.

Sometimes walking away from your pet, especially those that haven't been left before, can be equally as traumatic for them as it can be for you. So I'm sure you'll agree it's a bit unfair to do it to them over and over again!

If your pet is with us for a long term stay, we can arrange for your pet to be visited, but this depends on the character of your pet and how we think they would cope in the situation.

Q. What if my pet is not settling in?

A. In the very rare case that we are unable to do anything to settle your pup into their new environment (we have never known a pet to be traumatised over being left!), and we have serious concerns over their well being, we will get in touch with your emergency contact (all animals must be left with at least one emergency contact number).

Q. My dog is very nervous. How do you deal with nervous animals?  

A. We are always very grateful if you can inform us at the time of booking if your pet is a tad nervous, so that we can have a suitable quiet space ready and waiting for them.

We never force your pets into greeting us, we will let them come to us in their own time. Trust is the key, so with nervous animals we will work on building that trust with your pet as soon as their holiday begins. You may also find the following suggestions helpful:

  • Come and visit us with your dog before their holiday is due to start so they can get familiar with the surroundings. This way, they will know where they are, who they're with and, most importantly, that their owners will be coming back! It will also be good for us to see how your pet reacts/behaves to the place and will allow us to judge the best area for your pet when they come for their proper holiday. We will tell you exactly how your pet dealt with their experience, and we will also give our honest opinion as to whether we feel the place is a suitable choice for your pet as it's not for everyone.
  • sounds silly, but try wearing an old T-shirt or jumper a day or two before holiday time and send it along with your dog. A familiar home scent can really make all the difference.
  • Hiding. Some animals feel a lot safer and at ease if they can have that little space they can escape into and shut the world away. If we feel that your pet may benefit from this, we can assign a closed space for them. Simply request this at the time of booking.
  • If your dog suffers extreme nervousness or separation anxiety, why not try an over-the-counter remedy? Your local veterinary surgeon can discuss with you what is best for your pet. Please keep in mind that it can take up to two weeks for some treatments to take effect, so don't leave it too late!

Q. Does my dog need the kennel cough  vaccine?

A. We do advise it but we do not insist on it. The vaccination does not protect against every strain of cough there is, so even after having the vaccination, they could still contract it.

If you do decide to have the vaccination done, please have it done 14 days prior to your dogs arrival as it is a live vaccine that can cause your dog to produce the kennel cough virus. If your dog is coughing before their stay with us, I’m afraid we cannot accept them.

Q. Can I come and have a look around before my pet is due to come in?

A. We actually insist pet owners will come and see us. For satisfy of our dogs on the premises, we need to evaluate what type of methods we will need to implement for all of our 4 legged companions. We would advise you to contact us before hand though.

Q. I need to drop off/ pick up my dog on Bank holidays or on the weekend. Is that possible?

A. Yes it is, but we do expect us to let us know before hand as we will need to make arrangement with regards to it.



About Day Care

Q. My puppy is very small, is there a minimum age that you accept at the daycare?

A. Sending your puppy to a doggy daycare is the best thing you can do for it! Your pup will socialise from the very young age and learn “how to be a dog”, being exposed to other dogs will teach them vital social skills with other dogs and humans. There is no minimum age to attend our daycare, however puppy has to be fully vaccinated before being allowed in.

Q. What does the day look like?

A. When arrive at the daycare the fun begins! Some of the dogs stay there all day, playing with each other, some of them also go for a long walk throughout the day. They get to know us and get used to being in our company, If your dog is a young puppy we might let him nap a few times a day, to allow rest and prevent him from exhaustion at the end of the day full of playing!

Q. Are your insured?

A. We are fully insured in case of anything happening to your dog.

Q. What sorts of dogs do you look after?

A. Big ones, small ones, young ones, old ones… We look after and love them all. This is the most amazing thing about The Hound & The Cat, you can be assured that your dog will be the most social dog in the neighborhood.

A.Can I visit your daycare?

Q. Absolutely! We are the best place for your dog and we are very happy to show it! For the other dog's safety and security we do request to be notified beforehand.


Q. Are there any aggressive dogs at the daycare?

A. No. Every single one of the dogs attending the daycare has to come for a trial/assessment day when they are closely observed so we can check whether he or she is a good match for the rest of our dogs and it does happen that we have to say NO.